This is an unfinished entry for the LowRezJam2016. The main purpose was to study some pathfinding, lighting/masking techniques and basic AI. Due to lack of time and motivation this did not get finished, although I did learn a couple of things about lighting, masking sprites, AI, pathfinding, scaling.and layer blend modes.


Mouse moves flashlight, arrow buttons moves player.

The goal is to gather 1-3 (random) keys, which will open up the gate at the center. Either a red, green or blue ghost will spawn in the level. If they touch you, you die.

Both the keys and the ghosts are masked and are only visible by using the flashlight. The ghosts additionally require you to use the correct colour of light (with the exception of the blue ghost).

The keys usually spawn in corners and look like the player (grey blocks).

The AI between the ghosts slightly differs, and for the red and blue ghost there is a visual clue indicating they're nearby.

Unfinished ideas

  • Stun ghosts with correct color of light
  • Multiple levels, progressively harder
  • Some proper art, a fancy page around the 64x64 upscaled canvas to make it look like an old console on a tv
  • Obviously sound, and any kind of non-programmer graphics :)